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Dr. Ron Luce travelled the world, visiting many of the largest and most successful churches on the planet. He interviewed church leaders, observed their habits, and asked lots of questions. Ministry Masterclass is the result of that travel and study; a curated, step-by-step process that combines the best and most effective practices in one comprehensive plan.

"Too often church leaders are simply headed from one meeting to another, one event to another, meeting budgets and trying to reach attendance goals. […]  I want to invite you to think differently about the ministry you lead. After leading a ministry with 200 staff and 900 interns for 30 years with a 30-million-dollar annual budget, I want to share with you a phrase that I wish I had heard a long time ago: ‘Strategic leaders work on their organization, not in their organizations."

Dr. Ron Luce
Instructor - Ministry Master Class

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