• “Once again Ron Luce challenges the status quo and stretches our thinking. But this time the stakes are higher than ever. In World War II, Britain simultaneously experienced a crisis of survival as well as their ‘finest hour.’ Victory was achieved through divine intervention, innovative leadership, and the nation’s courageous response. Now, as the church faces its most daunting crisis ever, Ron lays out the potential scenarios and calls us to a preferred future: a season of unparalleled vigor and adventure with Christ, our Captain, leading us victoriously through tornadic change.”

David Shibley

Founder and World Representative
Global Advance

    • “In Faith at the Speed of Light Ron Luce has engaged the greatest question for today’s Christian church: How do we reach new generations amidst the amazing changes and pressures of our times? The future of Christianity rests on our response. Ron’s years of experience and life-calling to reach young people, along with excellent research, coalesce in this volume to challenge all of us. This book is contemporary, inspirational, motivational, and sobering all at the same time. I would advise every pastor to read it all the way to end. The case studies are worth the price of this book alone, but there is much more that will fuel your thinking toward how you position your life and ministry for maximum impact in the 21st century. Thank you, Ron, for your best book yet.” 

Dr. William M. Wilson

President, Oral Roberts University

    • “The best way to predict the future of your church is to invent it. In Faith at the Speed of Light, Ron Luce gives you the blueprint for how to experience real growth in an age of incredible change. Read this book to know how you can be part of the change.”

Gordon Robertson

CEO, the Christian Broadcasting Network 

    • “Ron Luce is a general of Faith who has researched extensively the importance of raising and reaching the emerging generations. Ron has incredible knowledge of the emerging generation and has done much research on this vital area, but more importantly, Ron is a practitioner who literally has touched millions of young people all over the world. I totally recommend this book. It is essential that the church understand the times that we live in and how to reach generations for Christ. It’s a must read for every leader.” 

Russel Evans


    • “We do not need to mourn for tomorrow today, while the power to change tomorrow is in our hands today. Many Christians are concerned about the future of Christianity. Indeed, some contemporary statistics, even as highlighted by Ron Luce in this book, Faith at the Speed of Light, are quite alarming. The good news, however, is that Dr. Luce provides us the opportunity to use new models of exponential impact, which could shape your own ministry strategy to help reverse the situation for the better. I consider this book as the prophetic voice from the Lord, addressing the contemporary challenges of the church for a better future.”

Opoku Onyinah

Immediate Past Chairman, The Church of Pentecost, worldwide
Co-chair, Scholars Consultation, Empowered21

    • “Ron’s unique perspective of trends and the ‘torrent of change,’ as he aptly refers to the light-speed changes taking place in today’s connected culture, is a critical understanding for the body of Christ if we intend to remain relevant. His writings remind me of what we at TBN call ‘Spirit Contemporary,’ meaning living your life fully spirit-led and fully contemporary simultaneously. Ron better equips us to engage in the current winner-take-all culture war.”

Matt Crouch

CEO/President, Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN)

    • “Ron Luce takes you on a mind-bending trip in describing how the speed of change interfaces with the need for spiritual leadership to impact the next generation. I highly recommend Faith at the Speed of Light!”

Dr. George O. Wood

Chairman, World AG Fellowship

    • “Prophetic! Practical! Powerful! Challenging - with clarity!!! Ron Luce opens blinded eyes of those of us who dread the reality of change without the tools to deal with it. Read it fast! Read it now! Things will have changed - at the speed of light - by the time you finish it!”

Bishop Kenneth C. Ulmer

Faithful Central Bible Church
Presiding Bishop, Macedonia International Bible Fellowship

    • “Our world is changing quickly, and as pastors and ministry leaders, we must ask ourselves how these changes will impact our churches as well as the next generation. That’s why my friend Ron Luce’s new book, Faith at the Speed of Light, is such an important book to read. In it, he
      shares what we can all do to be prepared and how we can leverage technology to reach more people with the gospel message of Jesus Christ.”

Pastor Robert Morris

Founding Lead Senior Pastor, Gateway Church
Bestselling Author of The Blessed Life, Frequency, and Beyond Blessed

    • “Ron Luce’s book Faith at the Speed of Light is one of the most shocking wake-up calls I have ever read. Although I am a writer and avid reader, having read many books, I do not always read a book to the finish. But this riveting book gripped me so completely that I could not stop reading until the final page. The information in these pages shook me. Ron Luce intelligently and passionately describes where we have been, where we are at the moment, and where we’re headed as the Church — and he provides solid recommendations about what we need to do to have a successful future in a world that is changing at the speed of light.
      One thing is sure: Those who ignore the facts are in trouble, but those who are willing to embrace the future will survive and thrive. So do you want your life, your church, your business, or your ministry organization to be a dinosaur that petrifies and disappears in the recesses of history — or do you pray to thrive in a changing world that is smacking us in the face even now? What you read in Faith at the Speed of Light and how you respond to it may be the deciding factor. Buy it, read it, and make the appropriate changes that you’re awakened to make for yourself, your church, your business, or your ministry organization. There is only one choice if you wish to thrive in the days ahead.”

Rick Renner

Author, Teacher, Pastor, Broadcaster
Rick Renner Ministries and Moscow Good News Church
Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Moscow, Russia

    • “Ron Luce’s Faith at the Speed of Light is a must read for today’s senior pastors and leaders. We all know change is inevitable, but today it is happening faster than most of us fully recognize. The Church stands on the cusp of a radical shift, and if we as her leaders don’t actively look outward and embrace the waves of change, we risk losing much of the next generation. Ron meets the challenge head-on, highlighting that speed technology is shifting how our culture learns, shares, and relates. He lays out practical methodologies to introduce innovation into our church structures. Change is inevitable, and it begins with us.”

Pastor Jimmy Witcher

Senior Pastor, Trinity Fellowship Church

    • "This is a must read for any current leader who plans to still be a leader in five years. Change is inevitable, whether you are leading a Fortune 500 company or the small church at the edge of town. Every page is filled with ideas and strategies that help you see the change that is coming to your situation, and to have a plan when it arrives."

Jentezen Franklin

Senior Pastor, Free Chapel
New York Times Best-Selling Author

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