7 STEPS TO LAUNCHING PROJECT 13! The Ultimate Tool-Kit to Implement Best-Practices of Exponential Churches

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Exponential 201 builds on the foundation laid in Exponential 101.  Ex 101 is the foundation, and Exponential 201 is building the house on the foundation.  It is a 12 month step-by-step process for launching the Exponential operating system in your church.  it involves forming a PROJECT 13 task-force with your team members, and walks through the entire year to help you implement the plan with excellence!

Course Curriculum

Ron Luce


Ron Luce


Ron has helped over 100,000 churches across North America impact the next generation as they brought their youth to mass events, he hosted over 3 decades with 3 million attendees. He recently partnered with a global coalition of Christian leaders to present the first over JESUS GLOBAL YOUTH DAY with 50,000 attendees and broadcast to 101,000 host sites around the globe.

While completing his doctoral dissertation, Ron researched churches all over the world that are remarkable and defying all odds reaching and discipling those most likely to come to Christ.  He curated the best-practices of these Exponential Churches and is now helping leaders both live and via Ministry Masterclasses adopt these best-practices and help them launch PROJECT 13 to commence their Exponential journey.

Although Ron had been featured on CNN, FOX NEWS, THE NEW YORK TIMES COVER and multiple other media outlets, what he really gets thrilled about is assisting Church leaders make Exponential impact by helping them get a ‘soft-ware update’ in their approach to the next generation.

He has been known to ride his bike long distances, run a marathon or Spartan race now and then, generally wear cloths that were in style 10 years ago.

He loves to prepare succulent meat on the grill, savory Italian dishes for his family, and may or may not enjoy a late night desert that is Keto friendly.  Although he has traveled to 80 countries, it cannot be confirmed he has actually swallowed all food he has tasted in various locations.

Ron has been married to Katie for 36 years and they have 3 young adult children and a grand-cat. 

He has Written and published 30 different books for parents, youth and church leaders, his latest is Faith at the Speed of Light;  Church leaders catching the wave of change

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John Smith


Highly Recommended Course. Easy to Understand, Informative, Very Well Organized. The Course is Full of Practical and Valuable for Anyone who wants to Enhance their Skills. Really Enjoyed it. Thank you!!

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    101 builds the foundation, 201 builds the house! Get both now for you and your team.

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    EXPONENTIAL 201 is a step by step implementation 12 plan for Best-practices of Exponential Churches and PROJECT 13